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Financial Aid and Scholarships

An Investment in Our Future

UCLA Scholarships create opportunities for students from all walks of life to reach their full potential and attend the #1 public university in the nation.

UCLA Scholarship Criteria

Applicants to UCLA are encouraged to apply for scholarships managed by Financial Aid and Scholarships by completing the scholarship section of their admissions application. Scholarships are awarded to students who meet the specific criteria established by donors, which may include a variety of factors such as student’s academic achievements, ethnicity, volunteer work and professional interests. In addition to completing the scholarships section on the application for admission, students must complete and submit the FAFSA or the Dream Act Application by the March 2nd deadline for the year they will be enrolling.

Academic departments and campus organizations offer various scholarship opportunities. If you accept your offer of admission to UCLA, you will have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarship opportunities from your academic departments as a continuing student and from Financial Aid and Scholarships via the continuing student scholarship application.

Financial Aid and Scholarships are awarded on the basis of both academic merit and financial need.

  • High school entering students are considered for scholarships with a minimum 4.1 GPA.
  • Community college entering students are considered for scholarships with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Viewing your Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships office will try to list scholarships awarded to you on your Provisional Award Letter (PAL), which is the notification of eligibility that you will receive when you are admitted). Many scholarships are awarded on a timeline that will not make it possible for us to include them on your PAL. While we endeavor to award scholarships before students begin their classes in the fall, some departments process their awards throughout the academic year; do not be surprised if you receive notification that you are eligible for a scholarship after the academic year has started. Once we are aware that you are eligible for a scholarship, we will include it on your Financial Aid Award (FAN) letter. Generally, a scholarship will be used to replace student’s work study or loan on their award letter.

Giving Thanks to Your Donor

UCLA is able to provide donor-funded scholarships because of the generous philanthropic support provided to the university. Donors created these scholarships to help students like you succeed and take advantage of UCLA's multiple opportunities.

UCLA shows its appreciation to donors by sending them each a stewardship report, generally comprised of the scholarship recipient(s) profile and thank-you letter(s). We may also provide video updates and messages from students. Donors look forward to and appreciate learning more about how their philanthropy has made an impact, and this is one way we can demonstrate how their support has helped students like you thrive at UCLA and beyond.

To demonstrate the impact of donor support, we need every recipient of a donor-funded scholarship to fill out a scholar profile. Scholarship recipients can find the scholar profile questions in your Financial Aid Notification (FAN). Once you accept your scholarship award, you will receive a link to a post-acceptance questionnaire that our office will share with your donor. In some cases, you may receive a separate link provided by UCLA staff. The scholar profile is an opportunity for you to express your appreciation to the donors supporting your scholarship and let donors know more about your UCLA experience and accomplishments. Scholarship donors want to encourage and support you throughout your UCLA journey!

UCLA scholar profiles may contain the following prompts:

  • Why you chose UCLA
  • Academic interests and extracurricular activities
  • Career aspirations
  • Scholarship impact
  • Thank you

You may also receive a request to create a video message through ThankView.

If you have any questions about scholarship giving or notes of gratitude, please reach out to the UCLA Office of Scholarships & Student Support Initiatives

(310) 983-3062 or

Additional Scholarships Administered by Financial Aid and Scholarships

UCLA Achievement Scholarship

The prestigious UCLA Achievement Scholarship is available only at UCLA in recognition of a student’s academic excellence. Entering freshmen are selected based on a comprehensive review of their university admission application by UCLA undergraduate admission. There is no application required other than your FAFSA or DREAM Act Application . Awards range from $500 to $10,000 per year and are offered for four years.

All students who are designated by Undergraduate Admissions as the top ranked academic admits and have demonstrated financial need, determined by their financial aid application, will be eligible to receive the scholarship.

  • The financial aid application will be used to verify the student's eligibility for this scholarship. Financial need must be demonstrated in order to qualify for this award.
  • U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents must submit the FAFSA by the March 2 deadline and qualify for need based financial aid.
  • Undocumented/Dream Act Students must complete and submit the California Dream Application by the March 2 deadline and qualify for need based financial aid. You must also qualify for an AB540 non-resident tuition waiver, as determined by the UCLA Registrar Office.
  • Newly admitted freshmen who are eligible for the UCLA Achievement Scholarship will be notified by UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships of their selection on the Provisional Award Letter (PAL) received during the admission process.
  • Once the student submits the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), a Financial Aid Award Notification (FAN) will be generated in the summer (July) reflecting the student’s UCLA Achievement Scholarship eligibility.
  • Awards ranges from $500 to $10,000 per year, based on financial need, as determined by the student’s financial aid application.
  • Renewal Criteria:
  1. The Achievement Scholarship is a four year renewable award.
  2. The student must complete the FAFSA or CA DREAM Act Application by March 2nd annually.
  3. The student must demonstrate financial need.
  4. The student must meet satisfactory academic standards set by Financial Aid and Scholarships.

UCLA Regents Scholarship

The Regents Scholarship Program was established by the Regents of the University of California in 1962, and represents one of the highest honors awarded to a student at the University. Regents Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of demonstrated academic excellence, leadership and exceptional promise.

UCLA awards up to 100 Regents scholarships each year to entering and transfer students and currently has approximately 500 Regents Scholars enrolled at UCLA.

The UCLA Regents Scholarship program is unique to the UCLA campus, therefore, the award cannot be transferred to other UC campuses, nor could other UC campus Regents Scholarship awards be honored at UCLA. Selection of the Regents Scholars is completed by each campus individually.

Student Obligations:

  • Regents Scholars are required to report additional outside financial assistance and/or outside scholarships awards to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office.
  • Scholars must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA during all quarters of attendance and are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 units per quarter
  • Students must notify the scholarship coordinator of any change in academic status, such as taking less than the required 12 units per quarter, dropping below a 3.0 or if they are planning to take an approved leave of absence. Taking a quarter off will not extend the award past your tenure and may jeopardize your future scholarship if you do not inform the Scholarship coordinator

Student Benefits:

  • All Regents Scholars are considered for a $2,000 honorarium regardless of financial need.
  • If a Regents Scholar has additional financial need beyond the $2,000 honorarium, the scholar will be awarded university scholarship and/or grants to cover the remainder of the scholar’s need.
  • Entering Freshmen are awarded a four-year scholarship (12 straight academic quarters). The scholarship is not awarded in the summer.
  • Entering Transfer students are awarded a two-year scholarship (6 academic quarters). The scholarship is not awarded in the summer.
  • Students receive priority enrollment starting with their second and subsequent quarters, guaranteed Housing (as long as the Housing application is submitted by the Housing Office deadlines), guaranteed parking (as long as the Parking application is submitted by the Parking Office deadlines), and Faculty Mentorship is established by the Regents Scholar Society to each and every Regents Scholar, as requested.
  • All Regents Scholars are eligible to join the Regents Scholar Society and are strongly encouraged to establish membership in this official campus student organization.

Scholarship Program:

  • The Regents Scholarship need-based award is determined annually and is designed to supplement the Cal Grant A and B programs, Pell Grant award and other outside scholarship awards.
  • Students determined by Undergraduate Admission to be the strongest applicants within the context of UCLA's holistic review process will be invited to submit a Regents Scholarship application at the beginning of February prior to admission decision release date. Applications will be reviewed for this award by Faculty Committee on Honors, Awards and Prizes. Students selected for this award will be notified when they receive their admission decision and Provisional Award Letter (PAL).
  • The Scholarship coordinator performs an annual academic review at the end of the Spring quarter of all scholars. Students that do not adhere to the scholarship requirements will be terminated and possibly billed for scholarship received.
  • Regents Scholars may not transfer from Schools within UCLA and continue to receive the Scholarship. All schools select their Regents Scholars differently, such as the School of Arts and Architecture, Theatre & Film, and School of Music select their scholars based on their artistic portfolios. The College of Letters & Science and School of Engineering will select their students based on academic abilities.

UCLA Alumni Scholarship

Since 1936, UCLA Alumni have supported our newest Bruins through Alumni Scholarships. If you have demonstrated academic excellence, powerful leadership and a desire to effect positive change, apply to be an Alumni Scholar!

The Alumni Scholarship Application can be found on the University of California, Los Angeles Prospective Undergraduate Scholarship Portal


Eligibility: Incoming Freshman & Community College Transfer students (See specific requirements below)

Award Range:

Freshman: $6,000 to $20,000 - paid over 4 years

Transfers: $6,000 - paid over 2 years

*Additional need-based grants are available to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the Alumni Scholarships Program and the Financial Aid Office. You may receive up to $5,000 for your first year in addition to your merit scholarship award.


Freshman Alumni Scholarships

Freshman Alumni Scholarships are awarded through an application screening process by alumni volunteers and UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships. . By completing one application, you will be considered to receive one of the many scholarships provided through the Alumni Scholarships Program. Scholarship awards are divided into equal annual installments to be paid over four years.

Community College Transfer Alumni Scholarships

Being an Alumni Scholar is more than just receiving a scholarship. Scholars are involved in campus events and organizations, increase their connections to the university, build their leadership skills at UCLA and stay involved as alumni. Benefits include:

Membership in the prestigious Alumni Scholars Club (ASC )
Access to cutting-edge leadership development programming
Alumni-to-student mentoring
Networking opportunities with UCLA alumni
Eligibility to receive additional need-based funding

UCLA Chancellor's Blue and Gold Scholarship

The Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholarship Program was established by the University of California, Los Angeles in the Fall of 1998 to recognize the academic achievements of first year students coming to UCLA from Los Angeles County High Schools that traditionally have sent few students to UCLA. Every year UCLA Admissions alongside Financial Aid and Scholarships select high achieving students to receive this prestigious award.

After many continuous successful years of excellence, the program now supports approximately 350 students with expenditures exceeding $1,000,000.

The Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholarship Program is also open to students coming to UCLA from community colleges in the greater Los Angeles area. Currently, awards range from $1,000 up to $5,000 annually and are offered for four years to freshmen and two years to transfers

Community service is an integral part of the Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Program. Each scholar is required to complete twenty hours of community service each year they are receiving a Chancellor's Blue and Gold Scholarship. Students have participated in a variety of University activities including recruitment and outreach, assisting in workshops, and returning to their alma mater to encourage other students to apply to the University of California.

If you are a current recipient of the Chancellor's Blue and Gold Award, and wish to check on the requirements needed for maintaining your eligibility for the award, please go to this page .

Outside Scholarships Associated with UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships

These Scholarships are awarded by outside organizations, but Financial Aid and Scholarships assists with selecting the students who will receive the awards.

UBAA Winston C. Doby Scholarship

UBAA Winston C. Doby Legacy Scholarship

The Winston C. Doby Legacy Scholarship offers Recipients $10,000 per year, for four years. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students who show great promise, to promote their academic success. Criteria for selection includes the scholar’s academic performance, and a commitment to community and educational involvement.

The UCLA Black Alumni Association (UBAA) is helping to preserve the legacy of African-American student at UCLA. Since 2007, over 1100 African-American/Black students have benefited from this effort receiving multi-year scholarships of up to $40,000. This effort has resulted in an increase in the numbers of African-American/Black student coming to UCLA since the devastating fall resulting from proposition 209.

Successful candidates must be African American/Black, with a 3.0 Minimum GPA. The Candidates must be a high school senior.

The Scholarship candidate must display a deep commitment to academic excellence and pursuit of their educational goals. The candidate should provide examples of impactful leadership and demonstrate how this leadership promotes positive advances in their own lives as well as those in their community.


Prospective applicants to the UBAA Winston C. Doby Legacy Scholarship will be contacted directly by UBAA upon their admission to UCLA.

For questions, email Van Scott, UBAA Scholarship Chair, at:

Applying for Outside Scholarships

In addition to applying for UCLA scholarships available through Financial Aid and Scholarships office, the Scholarships Resource Center and your department and/or College, expand your search beyond UCLA. Below is a list of resources that you can use to apply for outside scholarships.

Helpful Tips for Searching for Outside Scholarships

  • Many scholarships are based on criteria other than financial need and academic achievement. Take note of your interests, hobbies, ethnic or religious background, work experience, career goals, etc. there may be specific scholarships related to these.
  • Plan ahead when applying for scholarships.We recommended you apply six to nine months before the academic year you hope to receive the funding.
  • Outside agency scholarships (from foundations, organizations, groups, and individuals) can be an excellent way to help fund your education.
  • There is no single, comprehensive source that can give you a list of all the scholarships for which you may be eligible. It is best to consult several sources, such as scholarship books, scholarship search engines, your high school and community organizations.
  • Getting a strong letter of recommendation is a vital component of many scholarship applications.
  • Scholarship books that target specific majors, ethnicity, or religious affiliation are an invaluable way to find national and local scholarships.
  • Writing an excellent personal statement will help you stand out as a strong candidate for scholarship. It is always worth having someone else proof read your personal statement as a way to ensure you have not missed anything.
  • Most importantly, be proactive and diligent in applying for scholarships. It takes a lot of work, but in the end all your efforts will really pay off.

What to Do if You Receive a Scholarship?

If you receive a scholarship from an outside donor, make sure you follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Request that outside scholarship checks are made payable to UC Regents
  • Give your donor your 9 digit UCLA identification number (UID) and ask them to include it with your award
  • Have the donor include a letter explaining the award terms when the scholarship check is sent to UCLA / Make sure to report any outside scholarships on your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) or contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office to report the award

Please mail scholarship checks to:

Payment Solutions & Compliance Office
University of California Los Angeles

Box 957089, 1125 Murphy Hall
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7089

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to report my scholarships from private donors?

Yes, all outside scholarships should be reported to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office including those that are paid to you directly.

How will I know my check has arrived?

Once the check is processed you will receive notification via your electronic Financial Aid Notification (eFAN).

My donor said the check was sent but I have not received funds. What do I do now?

Mailing time is often two weeks and we ask that you allow another week for processing time. If more than four weeks have passed without seeing it on your FAN, we ask that you contact your donor and ask them to verify if the check has been cashed. If the check has been cashed then we ask you provide a copy of the cancelled check.;

How will an outside award impact my financial aid package?

If you already have a financial aid package and subsequently receive an outside scholarship/award, your financial aid offer will be adjusted for that award, and is dependent upon the conditions of the award.

Generally, need-based loans and work-study awards are reduced first to “make room” for that award. To ensure that an outside scholarship can help you as much as possible, it is our policy to replace your self-help (need based loan and work-study awards) first. If the amount of outside aid exceeds the amount of loans and work-study in your package, your grants are then reduced.

Unless asked to split a scholarship differently by the donor organization, outside awards that are split evenly between quarters have a more positive impact on students.

How do I make more room in my financial aid budget for my outside awards?

You can make more room in your budget by submitting a Budget Add-On Appeal or Housing Adjustment forms if you have additional allowable expenses. Review the forms for further information on what is allowed. To locate other Financial Aid and Scholarships form, you will find them on our forms and publications page.