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2017-2018 School Year


2017-2018 Academic Year Appeal Forms

2017 Summer


2017 Summer Appeal Forms
Name Post Date
SUMMER Budget Increase Request no longer available
SUMMER Petition for ReEvaluation no longer available
SUMMER Housing Adjustment Form no longer available
SUMMER Withdrawal Form   05/12/2017 
SUMMER Late Application Appeal no longer available
SUMMER Enrollment Change Request No longer available
SUMMER Work-Study Award Request Form No longer available

2016-2017 School Year


2016/2017 forms are no longer active Post Date
Early Application FAQs 11/14/2016 
Additional Financial Information Form 2/26/2016
Citizenship and Immigration Affidavit Form 3/04/2016
Household Size and Number in College Verification Form 2/26/2016
Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Form 3/03/2016
Parent & Sibling Verification of Enrollment 2/26/2016
Parents' Statement of Expenses & Resources 2/26/2016
Students Statement of Expenses & Resources  2/26/2016
Selective Service Registration Form 3/04/2016
Tax Extension Filers Guide 3/04/2016
Verification of Marital and/or Tax Filing Status - Parent 2/26/2016
Verification of Marital and/or Tax Filing Status - Student 2/26/2016
Access your Verification forms on MyUCLA 2/26/2016

2016-2017 Academic Year Appeal Forms

Name Post Date
 Appeals for 2016/2017 are no longer being accepted  
Late financial aid application appeal  03/08/2016
Budget Increase Request-no longer available for 16/17 06/09/2016
Domestic Partner Form 01/13/2016
Housing Adjustment Form-no longer available for 16/17 06/09/2016
Independent Petition 01/13/2016
Petition for Re-Evaluation-no longer available for 16/17 05/26/2016
Projected Year Income Petition - Parent 03/08/2016
Projected Year Income Petition - Student  03/08/2016
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Packet 03/23/2016
Work-Study Award Request Form 02/08/2016
Employment Authorization Document Request Form  02/26/2016
International Student Financial Aid Application 02/12/2016