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Financial Aid and Scholarships


Students and families should complete their FAFSA/CADAA as soon as possible to allow Financial Aid and Scholarships additional processing time. The 24-25 FAFSA/CADAA application deadline is April 2, 2024 for the State of California and all University of California students.

24-25 FAFSA Processing Delays

  • The Department of Education is unable to send FAFSA data to schools until mid-March or later
  • Students will not be able to submit FAFSA corrections until mid-March
  • Earlier application submissions will be sent to schools first

Paper FAFSA Guidance

  • UCLA advises against filing a paper FAFSA at this time as it could lead to further delays in aid processing
  • Paper FAFSA processing will not occur until after electronic submissions are processed
  • One exception to this guidance is if a private scholarship program is maintaining a strict FAFSA filing deadline

Priority Deadline Submission

  • UCLA will honor the April 2nd FAFSA/CADAA filing deadline, but recommend prospective and current UCLA students submit their FAFSA in February/March 2024 if possible to facilitate timely aid offers and Summer 2024 aid processing
  • Prospective students should also apply for UCLA scholarships via our Prospective Scholarship Application by March 2, 2024 to ensure priority scholarship consideration

Mixed Status Family Guidance

  • A “mixed-status family” is a family whose members include people with different citizenship or immigration statuses where a family member may not have a social security number (SSN)
  • In the past parents without an SSN could enter all zeros as an SSN but the process has changed due to changes in the law from the Futures Act
  • No student with mixed family status has been able to file the FAFSA since the FAFSA opened in early January 2024
  • The Department of Education is aware of the problem and says it is a priority for them to fix this FAFSA processing problem
  • Mixed status families should wait to file the FAFSA for several weeks until the FAFSA process is fixed or new guidance is received
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships will continue to provide deadline flexibility to mixed status families, if application delays continue beyond April 2, 2024

General 24/25 FAFSA Simplification Act FAQs

Prospective Students - Click here for Tuition and Aid Information.

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bruin statue 24/25 FAFSA and CADAA Application NOW OPEN!

The 24/25 FAFSA and CADAA application are now available to complete.

The FAFSA Simplification Act of 2020 allowed for major improvements in the financial aid application process beginning in the 2024/25 academic year.

The Simplified FAFSA will:
1. Expand the access to Federal Financial Aid.
2. Reduce the number of questions asked.
3. Enhance data sharing with the IRS to ease the applicants experience.

The CA Dream Act (CADAA) application has undergone similar major changes and improvements.

The delayed FAFSA and CADAA application launch will only impact the 2024/25 academic year.

Click here for more information

Extended 2024 FAFSACADAA Workshop Schedule Extended 2024 FAFSA/CADAA Workshop Schedule- Join us!

UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships is hosting FREE in-person and zoom workshops for students to learn more about Financial Aid and the FAFSA/CADAA changes implemented for the 24-25 Academic Year. Students will also receive guidance in completing their application.

All zoom links and in-person locations are noted with the appropriate workshop date via our Calendar.

Click here to access the full workshop schedule + informational sheet!

Prospective Applicants Prospective Scholarship Application

Prospective UCLA applicants may complete our general application for scholarships that are awarded during the admission cycle for the upcoming Fall quarter.

You can view more information on the requirements for consideration by visiting our Scholarships Page and clicking on "Prospective Scholarship Application."

scholarship General Scholarship Application

The UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships Registered Student Application is open year round.

Each year, a new application cycle will begin in mid-to-late March. Priority consideration for upcoming academic year awards is given to students who submit their general application by June 30th, however the application will remain open beyond June 30th.

Group of students on UCLA Ackerman Union steps Student Loan Repayment Pause Ends in October

With the COVID-19 payment pause coming to an end, borrowers will restart making payments in October 2023. If you are a borrower whose payments were on pause, you will get a notification from your lender, with your payment amount and due date, at least 21 days before the due date.

Make sure to update your information on, as well as on your servicer’s website. You can also use the Loan Simulation to compare payment plans, keeping in mind that there is a new Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) Plan.

Click here for more information.

UCLA Financial Aid Videos FATV Portal

Take a look at our FATV portal for fast answers. FATV provides short videos to answer basic financial aid questions 24/7