UCLA Students,

If you are reaching out to us because you received a financial aid notification without UC SHIP Grant listed please be aware that this DOES NOT MEAN that your University Health Insurance will be canceled OR that you will not have sufficient funds for your SHIP expense to be covered. 

If your Financial Aid Notification was based on a commuter/remote learning budget, the grant amount that you would normally receive for on or off campus housing will now be re-directed to other components of your Cost of Attendance such as UCSHIP.  If you will in fact be living on or off campus, please refer back to your FAN with further instructions on how to submit the Housing Adjustment form. Based on a commuter budget we are still providing you with sufficient aid to cover your fees and your UC SHIP expenses.

NOTE: If the commuter budget that you have been assigned is incorrect, Financial Aid and scholarships will adjust it. Please submit the Housing Adjustment Form to our office at your earliest convenience so that we can increase the amount of your financial aid assistance. 


  • Are you planning to change your housing status? Read through our Changes to your Housing Selection FAQ to answer some of your questions about how your Financial Aid may be impacted

  • Housing Adjustment Form: As of 7/30/2020 we have received approximately 1,000 housing revision requests via MyUCLA. Average processing time as of the date of submission is 3-4 weeks. 

  • Need help navigating your Financial Aid Notification? View our FAN Tutorial Video for guidance.

  • Can I make an appointment? You can set up a phone appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor by calling our office at 310-206-0400

  • Projected Income Appeals: If the Expected Family Contribution on your Student Aid Report is 0, submitting a projected year income appeal for students/parents will not further decrease your EFC. Given that zero is the lowest EFC number, you have been offered the maximum amount of Financial Aid available.  

  • Students can authorize third-party access to their financial aid information via MyUCLA under "Settings"

Manage Your Aid

Use MyUCLA to manage your financial aid information. MyUCLA provides access to the status of your financial aid file and required documentation, applications for summer aid and scholarship applications.

Walk in services are not currently available. Visit the Contact Us section of our webpage for alternate contact methods.