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Current News and Happenings

  • COVID Support Appeal Form: If you have insufficient resources to cover your COVID-19 related expenses, the COVID Support Appeal Form is available. 

  • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Reporting: Cares Act expenditure information can be accessed here. 

  • SCAM WARNING! The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a consumer alert about an emerging scam aimed at college students looking for a job. UCLA student employment information is typically only available via MyUCLA. Students interested in looking for a job at UCLA are encouraged to be cautious of suspicious emails received from outside organizations.

  • Are you planning to change your housing status? Read through our Changes to your Housing Selection FAQ to answer some of your questions about how your Financial Aid may be impacted

  • Need help navigating your Financial Aid Notification? To avoid any delays in disbursements, accept your FAN as soon as possible. View our FAN Tutorial Video for guidance.  

  • Can I make an appointment? You can set up a phone appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor by calling our office at 310-206-0400

  • Projected Income Appeals: If the Expected Family Contribution on your Student Aid Report is 0, submitting a projected year income appeal for students/parents will not further decrease your EFC. Given that zero is the lowest EFC number, you have been offered the maximum amount of Financial Aid available.  

  • Students can authorize third-party access to their financial aid information via MyUCLA under "Settings"

Manage Your Aid

Use MyUCLA to manage your financial aid information. MyUCLA provides access to the status of your financial aid file and required documentation, applications for summer aid and scholarship applications.