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Financial Aid and Scholarships

UCLA Summer Financial aid is available to eligible UCLA students, including newly admitted students.

If you are a UCLA student who will enroll in summer sessions at UCLA or another UC you must submit an application; apply on > finances and jobs > summer financial aid information

If you need financial aid for the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) or UCDC Program, you do not have to submit a summer financial aid application. Financial Aid and Scholarships will receive the information we need from the International Education Office (for EAP) and the UCLA Career Center (for UCDC) in order to award you financial aid.

NOTE: You cannot receive summer aid after having completed your degree requirements. If your Degree Candidacy term is Spring, you cannot receive financial aid in the summer after your Expected Degree Term. If you are required to take summer courses in order to complete your degree requirements, please UPDATE your EXPECTED DEGREE TERM on MyUCLA to SUMMER.

Financial Aid will be offered for one eligible summer program (i.e. Summer Sessions, Summer Cross Campus, Summer Travel or Summer Institutes) per summer. UCLA does not provide financial aid to students enrolled in non-UCLA summer programs.

  • Non-UCLA students should consult the Financial Aid Office at their home institution for information about summer assistance.
  • UCLA students in a dismissed status are not eligible for financial aid.

Calculate Potential Summer Aid

Summer Financial Aid Calculator

The Summer Financial Aid Calculator is intended to estimateawards for students enrolled in UCLA Summer Sessions. If you plan to enroll in Summer Travel, Summer Session at another UC, Summer Institute, Education Abroad Program, Freshman/Transfer Summer Program, or UCDC Program, the results from the summer calculator will NOT be accurate.

Please be advised that you can receive aid for only one summer program.

All awards produced by this calculator are estimated and based on the availability of funding. The award information displayed is based on the information you provide on your Financial Aid Application. If you provide inaccurate information about the sessions that you will attend or the number of units you take, the result will be inaccurate.

Our calculator also assumes that you have not reached the maximum aggregate limits on federal and state funding. And that you are in good Satisfactory Academic Progress standing.

Summer Financial Aid Calculator Link

NOTE: Due to the delays with the 24/25 FAFSA, the Summer 2024 Aid calculator will not be available until mid to late March.

Applying for Summer Aid

Summer financial aid applications for the following programs are available on MyUCLA under Finances and Jobs. You can find the application deadlines on MyUCLA as well.

  • Summer Travel and Global Internships: March 1 – early April
  • UCLA Summer Session or College Summer Institute for Entering Students: April 1 – late August
  • UC Cross Campus: open April 1 – mid-June
  • College and Professional Summer Institutes: April 1 – early June

Some of the charges for enrolling in these programs are non-refundable. Please make sure that you understand what charges cannot be refunded if you decide not to participate in the program after enrolling.

Summer Disbursements

Financial Aid and Scholarships will VERIFY your enrollment status before disbursing funds to your account. You must be enrolled in at least 6 units before we can release aid to your BruinBill account. Disbursements start 10 days before the first day of summer sessions. When aid is disbursed to BruinBill, it will pay your Summer Tuition and Fees. A refund will be generated for any balance remaining and released to you. This money can be used for your educational and living expenses.

For students enrolled in sessions A and C, financial aid for both sessions will be disbursed at the beginning of session A. For students enrolled in Session C only, aid will be disbursed at the end of July.

Maintaining Summer Aid Eligibility

Summer Financial Aid eligibility is based on the exact sessions and the number of units per session you indicate on your Summer Aid Application. You will be subject to billing if you switch the sessions attended and/or take fewer units than indicated on the application.


In order to be eligible for summer aid, students need to enroll in a minimum of 6 units (half-time status).

A minimum of 8 units is required to qualify for Summer University Grant.

Some programs (Federal Pell Grant and Summer University Grant) require enrollment in 12 units to receive full eligibility. FAS will review all units at the end of the third week of each UCLA summer session (the census date) to determine your eligibility for summer aid. If you are not enrolled in the number of units the award was based on, the you will be billed. Adding units after the census date will not reinstate your eligibility. Aid will be subject to cancellation if you drop below half-time status.


If you receive financial aid and subsequently do not enroll in Summer Sessions for which you were awarded or if you drop all your units for the session for which you received aid, you may be billed for a portion of aid received. The calculation of Return of Title IV funds is based on published schedules and the date that you cancel your registration or the date you drop all classes during a summer session.

Under federal regulations, summer is considered a single term of enrollment. If you cease attendance before the end of the awarded period, you will be considered ‘withdrawn’. Here are a few examples of situations that will be treated as withdrawals in the summer:

  • You are awarded aid for sessions A and C but do not attend session C. You will have completed 6 of 12 weeks of enrollment resulting in a recalculation of your financial aid eligibility.
  • You are awarded aid for session A and C but drop units in session A after 3 weeks and drop units in session C after 3 weeks. In total, you will have completed 6 of 12 weeks during the summer, and your eligibility for aid will be recalculated.
  • You are awarded aid for session A (10 weeks) and drop classes after the third week of instruction. You will have completed 3 of 10 weeks and your eligibility for aid will be recalculated.

Example of Summer Aid Recalculation

  1. On-time undergraduate enrolled in 9 units for session A (6 weeks) and 6 units for session C. All aid was disbursed 10 days prior to Session A start date. The following shows the total cost of attendance and awards:
    Cost of Attendance $9,339 (15 units, 12 weeks of enrollment)
    Pell Grant $1,882
    University Grant $2,200
  2. Student completed 9 units from session A but did not attend session C. Financial Aid adjustments:

    Cost of Attendance $5,173 (adjusted to session A only)
    Bill based on Units $1,021 ($4,082 original awards at full-time minus $3,061 revised awards at 9 units (3/4 time))
    Bill based on Withdrawal $1,833 (Pell and University grants are further reduced based on unearned aid percentage)
    Total Summer Bill $2,854

If your summer enrollment plans change, please contact Financial Aid and Scholarships to find out if your eligibility for aid has changed. If you are considering enrolling in different sessions or fewer units than indicated on your summer application, your aid may decrease. Please contact us immediately.

Summer Publications

For information on programs such as EAP, Cross Campus, Summer Travel and Global Internships, visit Summer Financial Aid Publications