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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarships are merit-based, need-based, and non-need-based monetary awards. They may range from paying a portion of your tuition to fully funding all costs linked to your college education. SCHOLARSHIPS DO NOT NEED TO BE REPAID. Scholarships are a great way to access additional funds for college, and significantly reduce your student loans or need for work.

Scholarships are designed to reward, encourage, and assist students pursue academic excellence and leadership roles. Additional criteria, such as campus or community activities, volunteer work, work experience, and financial need are considered during the selection process. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Undergraduate Scholarships Application is open year-round. Priority consideration is given to students who submit their applications by JUNE 30 each year. You should log in to our Scholarship Portal and complete your profile to be considered for scholarship opportunities.

As a continuing student, it is important for you to look for scholarships that can help reduce the amount you need to work and borrow to fund your education. New opportunities arise as you enter your major, take up new activities, or join college organizations. We encourage students to search for scholarships throughout their time at UCLA. Make sure that your scholarship search is broad and includes outside scholarships in addition to UCLA scholarships.

Prospective Scholarship Application

Prospective UCLA applicants may complete our general application for scholarships that are awarded during the admission cycle for the upcoming Fall quarter.

We recommend taking the following steps to maximize your eligibility for UCLA prospective student scholarships. These awards will be included in the provisional aid letter, within two weeks of Admission decisions, to assist families decide which school to attend before the National College Decision Day (May 1-Freshman, June 1-Transfer Students).

  1. Submit your UC Application between August 1 - November 30 of the year prior to desired admission.
  2. File your FAFSA or California Dream Act application by March 2, for the upcoming year.
  3. Submit your UCLA Prospective Student Scholarship Application by March 2 or individual deadlines noted. All deadlines are 11:59 PM Pacific time.

Incoming and Continuing Scholarship Application

If you receive a scholarship from UCLA it will be applied to your account.

Scholarships awarded to undergraduate students require that you apply through our scholarship portal each year.

  • Must complete an online “UCLA Scholarship Application” available through MyUCLA.
  • Must submit a FAFSA or Dream Act application by the March 2 priority deadline EVERY YEAR to be considered for need-based scholarships.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue to receive scholarships.

*We recommend enrolling in BruinDirect in order to have faster access to any future refunds.

Viewing your scholarships

If you get a scholarship, it will appear on your FINANCIAL AID NOTIFICATION (FAN) in Early Summer. Various departments award continuing students and will process their awards throughout the academic year. We try to award as many scholarships at the start of the year as possible. Sometimes a student will receive an award later in the academic year.

UCLA is able to provide donor-funded scholarships because of the generous philanthropic support provided to the university. Donors created these scholarships to help students like you succeed and take advantage of UCLA's multiple opportunities.

UCLA shows its appreciation to donors by sending them each a stewardship report, generally comprised of the scholarship recipient(s) profile and thank-you letter(s). We may also provide video updates and messages from students. Donors look forward to and appreciate learning more about how their philanthropy has made an impact, and this is one way we can demonstrate how their support has helped students like you thrive at UCLA and beyond.

Giving thanks to your donors

To demonstrate the impact of donor support, we need every recipient of a donor-funded scholarship to fill out a scholar profile. Scholarship recipients can find the scholar profile questions in your Scholarship Portal. Once you accept your scholarship award, you will receive a link to a post-acceptance questionnaire that our office will share with your donor. In some cases, you may receive a separate link provided by UCLA staff. The scholar profile is an opportunity for you to express your appreciation to the donors supporting your scholarship and let donors know more about your UCLA experience and accomplishments. Scholarship donors want to encourage and support you throughout your UCLA journey!

UCLA scholar profiles may contain the following prompts:

  • Why you chose UCLA
  • Academic interests and extracurricular activities
  • Career aspirations
  • Scholarship impact
  • Thank you

You may also receive a request to create a video message through ThankView.

If you have any questions about notes of gratitude, please reach out to the UCLA Office of Scholarships & Student Support Initiatives at (310) 983-3062 or

Maintaining your eligibility for Chancellors Blue and Gold Scholarship

The Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholarship Program began in 1998 to recognize the academic achievements of first-year students coming from LA County High Schools that traditionally have sent few students to UCLA.

After many continuous successful years of excellence, the program now supports about 200 students with awards ranging up to $5,000, depending on the student’s financial need.

  • In order to maintain your eligibility as a Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholar, you must submit the FAFSA or California Dream Act application annually by the March 2 deadline. Failure to meet the deadline will result in the cancellation of your scholarship.
  • In order to have your scholarship reinstated, you will need to submit the Late Financial Aid application, to have your appeal reviewed for an on-time approval.
  • Scholars will need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships.
  • Scholars must notify Financial Aid and Scholarships of any change in family financial circumstances.

Maintaining eligibility for Regents Scholarship

The Regents Scholarship Program was established by the Regents of the University of California in 1962 and represents one of the highest honors awarded to a student at the University. Regents Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and exceptional promise.

UCLA awards up to 75 Regents scholarships each year to entering and transfer students and currently has a total of approximately 300 Regents Scholars enrolled at UCLA.

The UCLA Regents Scholarship program is unique to the UCLA campus. That means the award CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED to other UC campuses, nor could other UC campus Regents Scholarship awards be honored at UCLA. Selection of the Regents Scholars is completed by each campus individually.

Student Obligations:

  • Regents Scholars are required to report additional outside financial assistance and/or outside scholarship awards to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office.
  • Scholars must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA during all quarters of attendance and are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 units per quarter.
  • Students must notify the scholarship coordinator of any change in academic statuses, such as taking less than the required 12 units per quarter, dropping below a 3.0, or if they are planning to take an approved leave of absence. Taking a quarter off will not extend the award past your tenure and may jeopardize your future scholarship if you do not inform the Scholarship coordinator.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • All Regents Scholars are considered for a $2,000 honorarium regardless of financial need.
  • If a Regents Scholar has additional financial needs beyond the $2,000, the scholar will be awarded a university scholarship and/or grants to cover the remainder of the scholar’s need.
  • Entering Freshmen get a four-year scholarship (12 straight academic quarters). Scholarship is NOT awarded in the summer.
  • Entering Transfer Students get a two-year scholarship (6 academic quarters). Scholarship is NOT awarded in the summer.
  • You get PRIORITY ENROLLMENT starting with your second and subsequent quarters. You get GUARANTEED HOUSING (as long as the Housing application is submitted by the Housing Office deadlines), GUARANTEED PARKING (as long as the Parking application is submitted by the Parking Office deadlines), and FACULTY MENTORSHIP is established for every Regents Scholar by the Regents Scholar Society.
  • All Regents Scholars are eligible to join the Regents Scholar Society. You are encouraged to establish membership in this official campus student organization.

Scholarship program:

  • The Regents Scholarship need-based award is determined annually and is designed to supplement the Cal Grant A and B programs, Pell Grant award and other outside scholarship awards.
  • The Scholarship coordinator will perform an annual academic review at the end of the Spring Quarter of all scholars. Students that do not adhere to the scholarship requirements will be terminated and possibly billed for scholarship received.
  • Regents Scholars may NOT transfer from schools within UCLA to continue to receive the Scholarship. All schools select their Regents Scholars differently, such as the School of Arts Architecture, Theatre & Film, and School of Music select their scholars based on their artistic portfolios. The College of Letters & Science and School of Engineering will select their students based on academic abilities.

What to do if you receive an outside scholarship?

If you receive a scholarship from an OUTSIDE DONOR, follow these 3 steps:

  • Request that outside scholarship CHECKS ARE MADE PAYABLE to UC REGENTS.
  • Give the donor your 9-digit UID (UCLA Identification Number) and ask them to include it with your award.
  • Have the donor include a letter explaining the award terms when the scholarship check is sent to UCLA. Make sure to report any outside scholarships on your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) or contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office to report the award.


Payment Solutions & Compliance Office
University of California Los Angeles

Box 957089, 1125 Murphy Hall
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7089

Expanding your scholarship search

In addition to applying for UCLA scholarships through the Financial Aid and Scholarships office, we highly recommend that you expand your search beyond UCLA. The Center for Scholarships and Scholar Enrichment is a good place to start. You should check with your department and/or College. Below is a list of resources that you can use to apply for outside scholarships:

Helpful tips for scholarship search

  • Many scholarships are based on criteria other than financial need and academic achievement. Take note of your interests, hobbies, ethnic or religious background, work experience, career goals, etc. There may be specific scholarships related to these.
  • Try to plan ahead when applying for scholarships. We recommend you start working on applications 6-9 MONTHS BEFORE the academic year you hope to receive the funding.
  • Outside agency scholarships (from foundations, organizations, groups, and individuals) can be an excellent way to help fund your education.
  • There is no one complete source that can give you a list of all the scholarships, for which you may be eligible. It is best to consult several sources, such as scholarship search engines, UCLA academic departments, your high school and community organizations.
  • Getting a STRONG LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION is a vital component of many scholarship applications.
  • Scholarship books that target specific majors, ethnicity, or religious affiliation are an invaluable way to find national and local scholarships.
  • Writing an EXCELLENT PERSONAL STATEMENT will help you stand out as a strong candidate. The Center for Scholarships and Scholar Enrichment offers workshops for UCLA students as well as individualized writing support sessions to help you work on essays from brainstorming to proofreading.
  • Many departments at UCLA offer scholarships. Watch for listings on bulletin boards, ask departmental counselors, and check your department’s website listings.
  • BE PROACTIVE AND DILIGENT in applying for scholarships. It takes a lot of work, but in the end all your efforts will REALLY PAY OFF.

Giving to scholarships

UCLA Scholarships create opportunities for students from all walks of life to reach their full potential and attend the #1 public university in the nation.

If you have any questions about scholarship giving, please reach out to the UCLA Office of Scholarships & Student Support Initiatives at (310) 983-3062 or