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Financial Aid and Scholarships

University of California, Los Angeles is proud to be among the selected 45 campuses statewide for the inaugural #CaliforniansForAll College Corps. This will offer expanded opportunities for 150 undergraduate students to apply for a paid fellowship in community service. The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps will help create debt-free pathways to college while engaging students across the state in solving problems in their communities.

The three focus areas of this Fellowship will be - K-12, Climate Action, and Food Security! Each Fellow will have an opportunity to select their preference for service focus areas.

Led by the California Volunteers, Office of the Governor, the CaliforniansForAll College Corps initiative has three goals:

  • Engage college students in meaningful service to build leadership and civic responsibility;
  • promote academic success and economic well-being with students from diverse backgrounds; and
  • To support the work of community-based organizations in key local priorities: K-12 Education, Climate Action, Food Insecurity.

Students who complete all fellowship requirements will receive the following benefits:

  • $7,000 stipend for 450 hours of service during the academic year, plus a $3,000 Education Award at the end of the academic year if all 450 hours are completed;
  • Real-world experience and skills to add to their resumes;
  • Training, networking, and professional development opportunities;
  • Pride and accomplishment in working toward a common purpose alongside young leaders from across the state;
  • Academic credit through a 195CE internship course (4-units) tailored to the College Corps experience
  • In order to participate, students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:
  • Full-time, enrolled undergraduate student
  • No minimum GPA, but students must be in good academic standing
  • Ability to commit to the program for the full academic year
  • This Fellowship is designed to target low- to moderate-income students. Students selected to join the Fellowship should therefore meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Qualifies for a federal Pell grant
  • Qualifies for a State Cal Grant or Middle Class Scholarship
  • Needs to work part time and/or borrow student loans to meet their educational costs
  • Is an AB-540 eligible Dreamer:
  • Must have a completed & submitted California Dream Act Application (CADAA) for 2023-2024 academic year
  • Must be an active recipient of a Cal Grant B Award for the 2023-2024 academic year
  • Must submit a CA DSIG Application by September 1 to become eligible for Education Award

Eligible students are emailed annually to apply for this program and 150 students are selected to participate.

California Dream Act Application

CA DSIG Application