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Financial Aid and Scholarships

After UCLA students enroll in their classes, the University Registrar’s Office will assess students’ registration fees and the charges are posted to the UCLA BruinBill account.

Financial Aid is disbursed into students UCLA BruinBill account and pays for tuition and registration fees.

Note** Graduate students must be enrolled at least 4 units or more in order for financial aid to disburse into the account.

Financial aid is generally disbursed 10 days prior to the start of quarter (Exception: January 1 will be winter quarter disbursement). If students have outstanding charges after financial aid is disbursed, students are responsible for paying these outstanding charges by the deadline. Additional information about deadlines can be located under the calendar.

Financial aid in excess of tuition and registration fees will result in a refund to the student. The refund will be used for all other expenses such as housing, books, travel, and personal.

Receiving a refund:

  1. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Bruin Direct by entering banking information and having faster access to the refund. Access to a refund may take 2-3 business days.
  2. Students who DO NOT sign-up through Bruin Direct will receive a mailed check which may take up to 10 business days.

It’s important for students to check their UCLA BruinBill account regularly. Some fees may be assessed throughout the quarter(s), and students need to ensure to budget out enough funds to pay for these expenses.