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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid Notification (FAN)

Once UCLA has processed your financial aid application you should receive a Financial Aid Notification (FAN). You can use the MyUCLA financial aid document tracking page (under Finances and Jobs on MyUCLA) to verify if your financial aid application has been received and to determine if additional information or supporting documentation is required before your award can be determined. We will start releasing academic year financial aid notifications (FAN) mid-July and summer award notices at the end of May. For more information about summer awarding visit the Summer Information Website. Additional time may be required to generate a FAN for students who have been selected for verification or those who are waiting for an appeal to be reviewed. If you have any questions about the status of your file or FAN notification of eligibility, please contact our office.

FAN Step-By-Step Tutorial

Provisional Aid Letter (PAL)

Provisional Award Letters will be available in March for admitted freshmen and in April for admitted transfer students. You will be able to access your PAL on MyUCLA after you receive your offer of admission. This notification will provide you with an estimate of UCLA costs and the various sources of assistance that Financial Aid and Scholarships can offer to help you with your educational expenses.

Provisional Aid Letter Access Tutorial

Financial Aid Net Price Calculator

Prospective students are encouraged to use this tool. We understand that you and your family may have a lot of questions about how you will cover your costs of tuition, housing and other necessities. Through a variety of programs available, Financial Aid and Scholarships office can help you to cover your educational costs.

To apply for financial aid, please make sure that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1 and before the March 2 priority filing deadline. This will ensure that you are considered for maximum funding that may be available. In the meantime, our Net Price Calculator will allow you to generate an estimate of your financial aid eligibility. It is important to note that the more accurate the information you provide in the calculator, the more accurate the estimate provided will be.

This calculator is intended only for full-time, undergraduate students who are eligible to file a FAFSA. Dream Act applicants and graduate students should contact Financial Aid and Scholarships office for more information. Currently, the calculator uses our 2022-2023 awarding policy to estimate awards.

Please choose either the Dependent or Independent Calculator to continue.