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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid Notification

Once UCLA has processed your financial aid application you should receive a Financial Aid Notification (FAN). You can use the MyUCLA financial aid document tracking page (under Finances and Jobs on MyUCLA) to verify if your financial aid application has been received and to determine if additional information or supporting documentation is required before your award can be determined. We will start releasing academic year financial aid notifications (FAN) mid-July and summer award notices at the end of May. For more information about summer awarding visit the Summer Information Website. Additional time may be required to generate a FAN for students who have been selected for verification or those who are waiting for an appeal to be reviewed. If you have any questions about the status of your file or FAN notification of eligibility, please contact our office.

This video tutorial will walk you through your FAN step-by-step and answer most of the common questions students have.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am expecting to receive outside scholarships. How will these affect my financial aid?

Because your award meets 100% of your cost of attendance, the receipt of aid from outside sources will require an adjustment to your financial aid package. In order for these awards to help a student as much as possible, it is our policy to replace student’s need based loans and work-study first. If the amount of outside aid exceeds the amount of loan and work in your award, grants are then reduced.

How do I report outside assistance?

When you receive your financial aid notification, you will be asked to report the source and the amount of your outside awards. You can also send us a letter, fax or an e-mail to let us know how much you are receiving in outside support and the source of those awards. Once your award is revised, we will generate a new financial aid notification (FAN) and make it available for your review on MyUCLA.

Will my financial aid package cover my non-resident fees?

If the Registrar classifies you as an out of state student, we will offer assistance to cover your out of state tuition. This support will include Federal Parent PLUS and/or Private Loans. Please be advised that University Grants and Scholarships will not cover your non-resident fees.

If I am a non-resident student, can I appeal to be assessed California resident tuition?

You must be a California resident to be assessed in-state tuition. At UCLA, Registrar’s Office determines students’ residence status. You can find additional information on the registrar's website .

My family’s financial circumstances have changed since we applied for aid. Can UCLA take these changes into consideration?

Yes; if your or your parent(s) financial situation has changed after you applied, or at any time during the academic year, you can submit a letter of appeal to Financial Aid and Scholarships. You can find more information on our appeals page.

If I am receiving financial aid, will my housing be covered automatically?

Your financial aid offer will include assistance for housing. However, financial aid disbursements released at the start of each quarter will not pay for your UCLA housing automatically. You will need to wait until you receive your financial aid refund and use it to cover your housing. UCLA Housing Services has a payment plan designed for financial aid recipients that will allow you to defer making your housing payments until financial aid refunds are released. For information about installment plans visit the UCLA Housing Website.

If I am receiving financial aid, do I need to pay tuition when I receive my bill?

If your financial aid disbursements are enough to cover the full cost of your tuition and fees, you will not need to make a payment. Financial aid will be disbursed before the start date of each quarter and fee payment deadlines are extended for financial aid recipients. You can find additional information under Disbursements/Bills/Refunds

Does UCLA have an installment payment plan for tuition and housing?

UCLA Bruin Pay Plan (BPP) allows you to pay your tuition in 3 monthly payments throughout each quarter. This is a great option for students who are not receiving full financial aid to cover their fees. If you are eligible for BPP, information will be presented to you on MyUCLA. You can find more information about the Bruin Pay Plan here.

For information about installment plans, visit the UCLA Housing Website.