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Financial Aid and Scholarships

The FAFSA Simplification Act of 2020 allowed for major improvements in the financial aid application process beginning in the 2024/25 academic year. The 24/25 FAFSA application will open on December 31st of 2023.

The Simplified FAFSA will:

  1. Expand the access to Federal Financial Aid.
  2. Reduce the number of questions asked.
  3. Enhance data sharing with the IRS to ease the applicants experience.

The CA Dream Act (CADAA) application will also undergo similar major changes and improvements and will become available to filers in January of 2024.

The delayed FAFSA and CADAA application launch will only impact the 2024/25 academic year. The priority application deadline is March 2, 2024. In the meantime, we recommend viewing each respective FAQ page for an overview on the major changes and improvements that students and families can expect.

Please review the FAQs for the respective financial aid application you complete: