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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Staff and Employers - Work-study

Welcome to the award transmittal section for UCLA staff members. We look forward to assisting you, so that you can assist our students. On this page, you will be able to find information on processing departmental awards for undergraduate students. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Transitioning to Blackbaud Award Management (BAM)

Welcome to the next phase of the electronic Financial Aid Award Transmittal via the Blackbaud Award Management (BAM) System. The BAM portal allows you to collect scholarship applications, review them securely, make award offers, and collect post-acceptance questions and thank you notes to create donor reports.

To start awarding through BAM, please contact Financial Aid and Scholarships at to request a new user account.

UCLA Undergraduate Scholarship Upload Form

For awards that cannot be made via BAM, please use the form below.

This award transmittal upload form is used for current students OR to request payment of departmental scholarship funding to non-UCLA undergraduate students participating in the UCLA ROTC program that attend another university OR students that are participating in a summer research program and are not enrolled in UCLA classes. Exception letters must accompany the requests in order to pay out the award to non-enrolled students, or those enrolled in less than 6 units.

  • Payments may not represent payment for services rendered as an employee or independent contractor; such compensatory wage payments must be made through the Payroll and/or Accounts Payable systems.

1. Payments requested using this form can impact an enrolled student’s existing financial aid awards. If the student is already receiving financial aid for the award period, please advise the recipient to consult their school’s Financial Aid and Scholarships office (including ROTC students) via MyUCLA for additional information on their eligibility to submit a budget increase, so the full award amount can be received. This increase must be approved before the award is submitted, or the student’s other gift aid may be reduced.

2. All payments on this form will be processed via the FAM (Financial Aid Management) and BAR (Billing and Receivables) systems. Departments may use only 77xxxx, or 79xxxx accounts to pay awards through these systems. Please be certain that the full accounting unit (including account, cost center, and fund) has been linked and activated prior to submitting this form.

3. For awards for prospective students made on the Provisional Aid Letter (PAL) please follow the instructions on the UCLA Provisional Aid Letter Scholarship Award Form

Paycode Tables

Paycode Tables